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Kaelo Technical and Vocational College

"I welcome you all to Kaelo Technical Vocational College. The College is the first Post-Secondary Institution in the vast Igembe region comprising of three Sub-Counties: Igembe North, Igembe Central and Igembe South sub-counties of Meru County. The College is located in Antuambui Location, Laare Division of Igembe North Sub - County, Only 300m from Kaelo Market off Laare – Mutuati Road. Kaelo TVC offers quality training in Artisan Certificate level, Craft Certificate level and Diploma level to equip the youth with hands on skills that are important tools to the realization of Kenya Vision 2030. I wish to draw your attention to our e-learning portal that will offers opportunity to the working class to train from the comfort of their work places. Kaelo TVC has an elaborate Open and Distance learning (ODEL) programme that is highly friendly to our customers. Our trainees’ admission portal provides an interactive forum where all your admission concerns will be effectively addressed without causing you to travel long journeys. The portal on exam administration will enable our trainees’ access their exam results from the convenience of their homes when they are on vacation. These initiatives are meant to make your stay at Kaelo TVC very comfortable The development of the website is an endorsement of Kaelo TVC’s commitment to ensure renewal and transformation which aligs to our mission of producing high-quality trainees with the relevant skills in technology, innovation for sustainable development. "

CECILIA MWONGERA | Principal - Kaelo TVC

Email us on

  • info@kaelotvc.ac.ke

Call us on

  • 0759417000

Our Address

  • P.O. Box 262 - 60601, Laare - Meru